2018 Salary Guide

2018 Salary and Benefits Guide

The 2018 La Crème recruitment salary guide covers salaries for office support, customer services and legal support roles in Ireland


Commentary on La Crème - Office Support in Ireland for 2018

2017 saw high demand for experienced executive assistants, office managers and administrative support primarily in financial services, professional services, pharmaceutical, property and tech. The junior to mid-level range is very buoyant, especially for graduates looking to take their first step onto the career ladder. 

There has been a significant increase in salaries across the board during 2017 which is likely to continue into 2018. Many companies have recognized that benefits packages are a key to being competitive in the hunt for top talent. As a result there has been a notable number of corporates reviewing and restructuring their benefits offering in 2017. In addition to this, job seeking professionals are looking for visibility to career pathways within organisations and how they are going to be developed in line with the companies growth strategies.

Hourly rates have steadily increased across all levels in contracting, with employers willing to pay higher hourly rates in order to attract experienced temporary employees who can hit the ground running.  The contract recruitment market has become extremely competitive and it is proving more difficult to retain employees for the duration of their contracts as more attractive roles become available.  We have seen the reintroduction of completion bonuses by corporates anxious to retain contract staff in the interests of business continuity.

In 2018, as the talent pool of highly-skilled and experienced office support personnel contracts in the Irish employment market, employers need to be more flexible in terms of their requirements. The recruitment process needs to move quickly to avoid losing sought-after professionals who are often in multiple recruitment processes simultaneously. Companies need to have a strong employer value proposition promoting themselves as a great place to work.