4 common CV mistakes - be warned!

Sharon O'Donnell - 05/03/2018
Common CV mistakes

People continue to make the same mistakes with their CV. To ensure you're not in the no pile, have a look glance at the following most common CV mistakes.

As a recruiter I read hundreds of CVs a week. I come across great CVs and those that are not so great! Since I kicked off my career in recruitment, more and more of my friends have been coming to me for advice on how best to lay out their CV.

I get questions like:

  • Which font should I use?
  • Is six pages too long?
  • Is one page too short?
  • I cut the neighbour's grass for a day – does that count?


People continue to make the same mistakes with their CV. They can be as small as a typing error or an incorrect date. But that my friend could be the difference between landing the job or being strategically propped the no pile! So, to ensure you're not planted in that dreaded pile have a look glance at the following most common CV mistakes:

Spelling mistakes

With spell check readily available no CV should have any spelling or grammatical errors. However, I often come across CVs with numerous spelling errors. Make sure and read over your CV or get someone else to read it for you. There is nothing worse than reading, ‘I have excellent attention to detail’ in the profile of a CV and spotting a spelling mistake as I read down through it.

If I can spot it, so can any future employer. Think about it...you have already shot yourself in the foot before the interview process even begins.

CV length

The ideal CV is two pages in length. If you have quite a lot of experience it’s hard to squeeze it all in but try your best and always tailor your CV to the job you are applying for.

Incorrect details

There is nothing more frustrating for a recruiter or future employer than attempting to reach a potential candidate and finding the contact details they have on their CV are incorrect or their voicemail is not set up. Top Tip: Set up your voicemail! If you want the job make sure you can be reached to take the offer.

Font and design

When typing up your CV ensure that you format your document correctly. Keep your CV in one font type and one font size this will help reduce the length of your CV and also make it easier to read. No one wants to read through a document full of italics, underlining or bold titles etc.

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