4 tips on being a customer service ninja!

I’ll NEVER do Customer Service! #4 tips on how to do it better

These days there seems to be a misconception of what is customer service. During my days as a recruiter, I get told at least three times a day “I don’t have customer service experience”. I have to push and probe to convince people that they are indeed, ‘customer servers’.

Do you speak to people? Are you selling them a product? Are you assisting them with a query, complaint or action? Is the intended outcome that they would be happy they had spoken to you? Then you my friend, are a customer server! Now, how do you improve your customer serving: (I am making up words, I know!).

#1 Keep a clear space

I am speaking both about your actual surroundings and your mind. Having a clear functional work space with the right tools to do the job is vital. Having too much around you will bog you down. This includes too many internet browser tabs. Learn to narrow down and focus. Complete each task and then move on to the next. This is a great mental tool as well, as it helps you stay focused as well as acknowledge your achievements. 

#2 Acknowledge your achievements

Take stock of your day/week/month/year. Did you make that impossible sale? Did you solve that complicated issue? Did you find the crying little girl’s mom in a busy store? That, dependant on your field and personal target, may be an achievement; And guess what - you served your customer. Take pride, use this moment to mentally remind yourself that every day you are doing your best for your customer. 

#3 Build a strong team

Having a good strong bond with your team members is vital in any customer service industry. Use this bond to share skills and knowledge ensuring your customers are satisfied. If you have great computer skills and your neighbour has excellent product knowledge... Share! There is no point trying to do everything yourself and stumbling at the end of the day, failing yourself and the customer. Increase morale by creating friendly competition. Be it sales targets, number of customers served, number of items scanned in a minute, neatest garden manicure, spur each other on and encourage one another to the be best, therefore giving your customer the best. 

#4 Stay upbeat

Gather your energy from your clear space, achievements, team, or that small but overwhelmingly positive feedback you received from the crying little girl’s mom. Go out of your way for people and customers. By no means burn yourself out, but be positive, remain moving forward and both you and your customers will be happy and returning tomorrow.

Continue serving your best. Keep doing customer service. Because YOU, are a customer service ninja.