5 career tips after returning home from travelling

Aimee Sherlock - 04/06/2018
Returning to work after travelling

If you've just returned home from travelling, or taken time off from employment, it can be overwhelming at the thought of trying to start all over again. These simple tips will give you base to start and progress your job search.

Set short-term goals

It could be to start working within two months, register for temporary work straight away or try and get work in a new industry. These can change as you move through the process but initially it will give you a task and is a great starting point to get focused.

Update your CV

If you have been travelling or not working it's still important to include this, it can be just one line explaining the gap, complete your work experience in chronological order to make it easy to follow.

Here's how to write up a good CV

Follow up with references

It may have been some time since you were last in contact. It makes the process easier for everyone and potential employers will think you’re highly regarded by ex-employers and organised when they go to reference you and get a reply straight away.

Research and speak to people

Ireland is a small place and everyone knows someone. Update your LinkedIn profile to get exposure and try to meet as many people as possible. This will update your knowledge, in turn making you feel more confident about tackling your job search.

Make a list of applications and prepare for calls

It can be a full time job applying for jobs so make a list of all your applications and prepare for phone calls you may receive. 'Anything' is not the answer when asked what work you are looking for.

Lastly be patient, these things take time.

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