How to retain your staff in a recovering economy

Rebecca Driscoll - 17/04/2018
News of a recovering economy

Being in the recruitment industry, you get an insight into every area of the employment world – industry, job specifications, organisational structures and most of all what the motivating factors are for job seekers searching for new roles.

While career progression is important and job seekers often choose to move on for personal progression or job satisfaction, these are not the only reasons. While you can’t control certain variables, here are some tips of how to earn respect from your employees and prevent your staff from leaving for the wrong reasons:

Live and breathe your own company values

You can’t expect your employees to live by the business terms and values if you don’t truly believe in these yourself. By practising company values and living by company policies on a daily basis, your employees will follow suit and show the same commitment.

Promote ‘ownership’

It is important to make all employees feel like their position is valued and that their voice matters, no matter what their job title is. If those in a position of power are open to sharing the responsibility then employees feel empowered and eager to perform.

Develop potential

Help each individual feel like they are reaching their full potential and achieving their performance goals by investing in development. It is also important to compliment your staff for a job well done and recognise their efforts regularly.

Create a positive working environment

Be attentive to the work environment in your office. Accept feedback and constructive criticism so that any issues can be caught early and resolved if not prevented. Bear in mind that it is also healthy to laugh and have some fun on occasion. When pressure is high and things need to get done, a little levity can make the work feel like less of a chore and reduce stress levels. When you laugh, it also shows you are human, and that goes a long way with employees.

Be there for employees

Make yourself available to employees: sacrifice when necessary. If you are willing to sacrifice some time out of your busy schedule, particularly when these few minutes might contribute to the success of others, then it will show you’re interested and invested into your employees.

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