6 lessons the Great British Bake Off teaches us about preparation

Aileen McCarney - 23/08/2018
Lessons learned from the Great British Bake Off

Another season of the #GBBO has got me thinking about preparation, there's is a lot to be learnt about prepping to reach your goal, finding your next job.

1) Do you have all the ingredients

How often have you dived into a recipe only to realise you don’t have the right tin? The recruitment process is much the same.

When you are on the job hunt avoid submitting your CV to a large volume of roles that are not applicable. Focus on the job spec, research the company and tailor the CV for the role you are applying for.

2) Practice makes perfect

It’s all about trial and error to make that perfect cake!

Similarly interviews are all about practice and the more you do the easier they become. When starting off with an interview process do not assume you know your CV. 'Tell me about yourself' is surprisingly the easiest question to get wrong. If you are on the lookout start practicing your 'sell', key examples and achievements you want to expand on from the CV.

3) Bring on the utensils

Personally, I am all about cooking aids. For me they are convenient, faster and get you a better result.

Similarly, when on the job hunt, utilize the aids you have at your disposal. Make the time to speak to your recruiter before, during and after the recruitment process. Consultants have an excellent insight into how companies operate, interview styles, what to prepare and focus on your CV and most importantly can sell you above other candidates.

4) Style over substance

How often have you looked at a delicious cake only to realise it tastes of cardboard?

Avoid over-exaggerating or overselling your experience. Yes of course, being able to sell yourself is crucial however be it at a first round or even worse, a month into a new role it always becomes apparent when candidates are all style and no substance.

5) Presentation

Remember those final touches make all the difference. No matter where you are interviewing always, always wear a suit or corporate clothing and shoes and please ensure you have neat hair and nails.

6) It’s hard to please everyone

No matter how much you try, there will always be someone in a group who doesn’t like onions! Unfortunately, some interviews are just not meant to be. You can’t always please everyone in an interview situation, however, don’t lose heart. Take each process as a learning experience and be positive that the right role for you is just around the corner!

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