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Sharon O'Donnell - 01/03/2018
Winning an Oscar

Winning an Oscar is the ultimate achievement for someone in the film industry.

Winning an Oscar is the ultimate achievement for someone in the film industry. Whatever your goal might be you need to work toward it, it being the pinnacle of your career, as an Oscar is for an actor. Whether you are an actor or director, a receptionist or a PA, it is important to make sure you are giving an Oscar worthy performance at all times.

The Dress

First impressions count and the way in which you present yourself is one of the first things people will notice about you. How you dress is your chance to portray yourself as you want to be perceived, so use your wardrobe to make an impression!

The Red Carpet

Your red carpet experience might be an interview, a pitch for that all important promotion, or it may simply be the way you present yourself to your colleagues on a daily basis. It is the moment when all eyes are on you and this is your chance to portray yourself as the competent, professional you are. Be sure to have the demeanour of an Oscar nominee on the red carpet. If you present yourself as a winner, this will translate in your performance.

The Winner’s Speech

Accepting a compliment is something many of us struggle to do. Graciously accept recognition for your hard work, while using the positive feedback to improve your performance in the future. I’m not encouraging an emotional speech every time you hit your target, but it is important to have pride in your achievements.

The Gracious Runner-Up

How you deal with being the runner up is just as important as how you deal with winning. It is imperative that you don’t let defeat negatively affect your performance going forward. The best thing you can do is to swallow your pride and learn from your peers who beat you to first place. It is also important to take what you can from the process of the competition – the interview process can provide you with a wealth of knowledge and experiences that will help you to avoid making detrimental mistakes in the future.

If you treat every aspect of your professional life as something that could win you golden statue, you are sure to have a career deserving of an Oscar!

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