April 2017 | Professional services and financial services firms see greatest level of recruitment

Aileen McCarney - 15/05/2017
La Creme Irish Employment Monitor

2% reduction in the number of professionals actively seeking new job opportunities in April 2017, compared to March 2017



  • 7% month to month increase in professional job vacancies nationally in April, compared to March 2017
  • The availability of professional jobs reduced by 6% in April 2017 compared to the same period in 2016. 
  • There was a reduction of -15% in the number of professionals seeking new roles between March and April 2017.
  • The monitor also recorded a 2% reduction in the number of professionals actively seeking new job opportunities in April 2017, compared to March 2017.  


Finance recruitment

  • As Brexit contingency plans continue employers are seeking more professionals in corporate finance, consulting and risk management but not for restructuring or insolvency roles which is positive.  
  • With the introduction of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) next year and varying degrees of readiness among businesses to deal with its implications professional services firms are actively recruiting as they advise companies on compliance.  
  • Professionals with Global and EMEA experience in finance and procurement finance are in high demand as employers in the global and EMEA corporate services sector continue to build their teams.  
  • Businesses are increasingly prepared to recruit internally and cross train where skills shortages are becoming difficult to source.
  • Overall the skills most in demand are among audit skilled personnel, fund accounting, financial planning, compliance and risk. 


IT recruitment

  • Demand is strong in this sector as job seekers are presented with numerous opportunities to choose from and many professionals are interviewing with multiple companies at any one time.
  • Strong requirement across core development languages (C# and Java) and newly emerged areas, site reliability and cloud engineering.   DevOps, and experienced support engineers also continue to be in high demand along with .Net developers, security engineers, project managers and SAP consultants.  
  • Candidate shortages within DevOps have been problematic with recruiters approaching international job seekers from mainland Europe to service these requirements.  Employers are also implementing effective strategies to retain key staff in this area.  


Supply chain and manufacturing recruitment

  • There has been a marked increase in the demand for logistics and planning roles. Employers are finding it difficult to source professionals with certain skillsets in planning.  
  • With Britain’s exit from the EU raising the potential for a return to a border and tariffs and customs with Northern Ireland this spike in demand is in part as a result of employers’ logistics planning for these scenarios. [Trayc to check if this is true]
  • Employers are willing to wait a number of months in order to ensure they source the right person for their requirements.  


Language skills recruitment

  • Demand is strong for job seekers with multilingual skills particularly for German, Nordic and Dutch languages. In recent weeks there has been an increase in demand for Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch speakers.
  • For roles where it is difficult to find qualified professionals, employers are becoming more flexible in terms of recruitment strategies and are offering higher salaries and more attractive benefits packages.  


Human Resources

  • The improving economy and jobs market has had a positive impact on the human resources sector where there is buoyant demand for HR professionals to manage and support an overall expanding workforce.  This includes opportunities for HR strategists, general HR management as well as compensation and benefits specialists wherever companies are strongly focused on employee retention.  
  • There is also growing demand for HR analysts where the analysis of and reporting of employment metrics and data are increasingly important in the provision of management information, and particularly for larger corporations.

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