Are you new to the interviewing process?

Katie O'Hara - 09/03/2017
Are you new to the interviewing process?

Is your company/department hiring? Is it your first time being apart of the interviewing process?

Please follow the Do's and Don'ts to allow you to successfully interview your candidates.


  • Make sure you schedule enough time for the interview to allow you to get the information you need from the candidate
  • Ensure you have a list of the questions that you need answered
  • Give them your full attention, avoid looking at your phone or the clock
  • Be positive about the company that you work for - give them a reason to want the job 
  • Make sure you deliver your feedback to the relevant recruiter in a timely fashion - you don't want to lose a candidate because you didn't have the time to give feedback to recruitment



  • Don't be late, candidates are usually a little nervous attending an interview as it is, making them sit anxiously in reception for longer than needed will only add to this
  • Don't wait until you are sitting in front of the candidate before you read their CV/Resume. It appears you were not prepared or interested to meet them
  • Avoid reading emails on your laptop or taking calls - you want them to think they have your undivided attention
  • Don't bring someone else along unless the candidate has been informed. This can throw someone very quickly if they are expecting one interviewer and more turn up
  • Don't ask illegal/prohibited questions - e.g. Race, age, gender, religion, marital status


If you want more information on interviewing tips or need assistance with your recruitment needs, please don't hesitate to contact me via the details below.

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