Boomerang Employees on the Rise

Lauren Hendry - 15/06/2016
Boomerang Employees on the Rise

Who said the old saying ‘never go back’ was set in stone? There are a growing number of ‘boomerang employees’ globally and the current mindset is changing for the better.

Boomerang employees are employees who return to work for a former employer.

Why is this becoming such a trend at the moment?

Both the employer and employee would obviously have to leave on good terms. In the past going back to a former employer had somewhat of a stigma attached to it in the past.

You’ll be glad to hear that attitudes in the workplace are changing and evolving. Companies once were dominated by baby boomers and Gen X employees and a permanent job was indeed a ‘job for life.’ The new generation of employees, Millennials (Gen Y), and their professional approach would be somewhat different to the norm. They look at their career in stages and already have companies marked out for each stage.

Jean Twenge, the author of the 2006 book "Generation Me", considers Millennials to be part of what she calls "Generation Me". They are more self-assured and confident in their ability. With this said, they like to explore what life has to offer (i.e. backpacking the Inca Trail and documenting it on Instagram) while not losing their place on the career ladder.

To evolve with this change in the modern workforce, more employers are offering career breaks or sabbaticals to cater for this – and to not lose top performing employees.

As an employer, what are you doing that could cater for this development in the workplace? 

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