Here's how to get your foot in the door in a new career, industry or field

Rebecca Driscoll - 24/11/2017
Career change

Are you one of the many professionals eager to try something different? Looking for change of position or industry but finding that your long and successful career in a specified field has left you feeling pigeon holed into the same roles over and over again?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Most working professionals have considered trying something different at some stage of their career. The real struggle when this time does come is the ability to identify your key attributes and develop an insight into your new industry, organisation or career path.

  • What do they look for?
  • Have they employed others from my background?
  • What do the potentially opportunities look like for me?
  • How can I get a foot in the door?


1) Be strategic

By being strategic you are ensuring your potential employer can recognise you capabilities and identify your transferrable skills. Sell the relevant skills you have for the industry where at all possible. 

2) One step backwards, two steps forward

Ok, I know that’s not how the saying goes but I am referring to salary expectations on this one. Another example – if you are a long standing public sector employee, you have been fortunate enough to build a career, climb the ladder and receive all the increments along the way. To move into a completely new industry, quite often you will need to take a step back in terms of seniority or in salary in order to learn the role, industry, new skillset and climb that ladder again.

3) Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it

Temping. As an avid believer of ‘proving yourself’ in a role, temping is a great way to demonstrate your skills and ability. It is also a fantastic networking opportunity once you are on the inside. If you are fortunate enough to have the option of temping I would strongly advise the same. Don’t be turned off by the short term stints on your CV. It is better than having a gap of the same duration.

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