Christmas party do's & don'ts

Sharon O'Donnell - 05/12/2017
Office Christmas party

So it is that time of year when the office Christmas party is in full swing.

You can’t wait, it’s the event of the year, everyone has planned their outfits! Of course everyone should have a great time but nobody would like to come to work on Monday morning as the person who had too much to say and far too much to drink.

Here are a few tips on the do’s and don’ts at your Christmas party this year:

  • Do attend the party; it’s an important event in the company calendar and it is noted who does not attend.

  • Don’t spend the night telling your boss how brilliant they are and try to find ways to hang out with them all night; they are there to relax too. A little time is time well spent.

  • Don’t wear clothing that is too revealing, it will bring you down in the estimation of your boss and peers. Be comfortable and take a leaf from Kate Middleton’s book, demure is better.

  • Don’t ask for a pay rise just because you are feeling brave with a few drinks. It’s not the time. If you feel the urge – walk away fast!

  • Don’t use this opportunity to tell your boss that you don’t really like working in the company and complain about all the problems, the only way from here is in my best Alan Sugar voice is ‘Your fired’.

  • Don’t gossip about your colleagues. You don’t know who is listening to the conversation or who in the group might take offence to what you are saying; you will be Miss/Mr very unpopular on Monday morning around the coffee machine and you might not even remember why.

  • Do pace yourself when it comes to drinking. Office parties tend to go on for quite a few hours so take your time and drink sensibly.

  • Do tell the organiser how great everything looks and how much fun you are having, they went to a lot of effort to organise it.

  • Do take the time to mingle/network with people other then the ones you speak to everyday at work. It’s good for your career and will mean the next time you see them in the office you have something to say besides the same old things like, ‘terrible weather out there' and 'what did you do for the weekend?’

  • Do have fun and be memorable for the right reasons: Charm, beauty and wit!
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