Creating a Positive Work Environment for Your Employees

Creating a Positive Work Environment for Your Employees

Being a successful, well-branded company is one of the most important things in today's business world. Customers want to feel valued and catered for but are the needs of your employees also appreciated in the work environment?

Companies are focusing more on their culture and ethos to differentiate themselves from their competitors when seeking and retaining the best talent.  Globoforce released a survey in 2015 on Culture as a Competitive Differentiator.

Their findings were:

  1. The top three challenges faced by HR organisations today are turnover, employee engagement, and succession planning
  2. Values-based employee recognition is seen as significantly contributing to bottom-line organisational metrics
  3. Values-based recognition programs are helping employers create a stronger culture and more human workplace
  4. Few companies have chosen to adopt gamification and eThanks in their recognition programs
  5. The top objective for years of service programs is employee appreciation, but many programs still fall short of the mark for inspiration and quality
  6. Organisations that invest in employee recognition and years of service programs experience better results


The survey also showed that employee engagement decreased from 47% in 2013 to 39% in 2015 with company turnover raised by 7%.

It is obvious that the increase in turnover was a result of employees feeling undervalued and underappreciated hence seeking a new opportunity within an environment where the company values are on par with their expectations

Here are some top tips for engaging with your employees:


Success cannot be achieved without active communication within the team. Personally engage with your employees and I don’t mean send a short email to see what needs to be done that day. Spend a few minutes chatting about the weekend, sports hobbies or yes even what needs to be done that day but every now and then try to do it in person to help grow your relationship with that person. All it takes is that initial chat to make them feel recognised and appreciated.


Many employees complain about how they are not appreciated for the work they do so celebrate the small wins with your employees, take a second to stop and say "Good Job". We can all have our bad days in our job but pausing to appreciate the little things really helps to keep going on tough days.


Assess your company values and what it is that makes your company unique. Whether it be excellent client focus, integrity or quality and see which of your employees exude these values. Why not even have a vote and reward your top employees for embracing your company values.

Your People Come First

Meet with your employees on a regular basis and let them know your expectations, attend company events with them and get to know them outside of work. Engage with them on project launches, ask for their ideas and embrace new directions. If you want to build up your brand then build up your employees first and everything else will follow.

Our Employee Recognition

Morgan McKinley has been in the top five Best Places to Work in Ireland, 10 years running might I add, and it is completely down to our employee engagement and recognition program. Our company values are put into practice on a daily basis and it is these values and ethos that result in a happy work environment.

We are always communicating, always embracing change and always going above and beyond for our clients, our candidates and ourselves. The result? A positive work environment!