How to dress for your job interview

Geraldine Butler - 17/04/2018
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You want an interview to be about your abilities and what you can bring to the job so keep your outfit simple and understated. Here's what to wear to a job interview.

Dressing for success is what this blog is all about - making sure you look great and most importantly feel comfortable at your interview. While the dress code for the office has relaxed a lot in recent years, the general rule for the interview is still to keep it smart, sharp and professional. 

Set the right tone for the interview from the start and you’ll fly through it.

Here are a few things to bear in mind when deciding what to wear:



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Don’t leave it to the last minute. Decide what you are going to wear a few days in advance.



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Get a second opinion. If you have a friend in a similar role ask for their opinion on your choice of outfit.



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Skirts and trousers should always be well cut/tailored and be a comfortable fit.



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Shirts should be neutral, pale colours - avoid acid brights!

Invest in a smart suit which is a neutral colour like black, navy or grey. This means you can add a spot of colour but you are still keeping it neutral.



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Should be in good condition and polished. Ladies, medium heels are good, killer stilettos not so good!

One for the ladies


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Keep hosiery fairly understated - flesh coloured or plain opaque black. No fishnets, patterns or bright purples.

This is just a guide on what we would advise any candidate to wear to an interview. Of course once you secure the role you will get more of a feel for the attire of the company as the weeks progress.

Best of luck!

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