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Lauren Hendry - 11/02/2014

You will be happy to hear that according to the Gaelic calendar, here in Ireland, we are officially in Spring!

You will be happy to hear that according to the Gaelic calendar, here in Ireland, we are officially in Spring! That means the weather gets a ‘little’ warmer, the days get longer and we are that tiny step closer to the summer! But how are you going to afford that summer holiday without the prospect of a job?

I recently read in Forbes Magazine (when I was dreaming of being on the front page as the highest earning recruiter in the world!), that 75% of interviewers believe that a candidate’s biggest mistake is wearing inappropriate attire.

I cannot agree with this enough. On the telephone, candidates frequently sound professional and sharp and I build up an image in my head. They then turn up wearing a huge winter coat and jeans. Obviously, very fitting for this weather, but nevertheless not the most appropriate attire for a professional interview. Thus, not the best impression to give at an interview. Can this first impression be salvaged? It is a challenge for us ladies to know how to come off professionally with gale force winds and heavy rain but the first impression is crucial!

Here are some tips to help you look 'professionally cool yet warm' in an interview:

  • Layer your clothes in winter so when you come into reception you can take your winter coat off and have a blazer/cardigan on underneath (a smart, structured blazer never fails).
  • Bring a second pair of flat, comfortable shoes in your handbag. Your choice of footwear for the interview should be conservative, low-heeled and in good condition.
  • Arrive to your interview early and make a quick trip to the bathroom to freshen up after braving the elements outside. Always carry a comb/hair brush. Ladies should carry a mirror, tissues and some make-up to touch up the after affects of any wind or rain indured on the journey.
  • Make up and nail polish should be understated and flattering.
  • Do not wear bright colours, animal prints, or anything low-cut.
  • The idea is to look polished and professional.


Dressing professionally shows respect for yourself, the interviewer and the company. By presenting yourself well you place a positive image in the interviewers mind. Remember this image is lasting so make it a good one!

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