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Sharon O'Donnell - 10/07/2019
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The latest recruitment market updates as we move through the summer in Office Support...

The summer period is traditionally known as a period of slowdown in terms of hiring, with annual leave meaning a slower pace in regards to speed of hire. However that does not mean that hiring comes to a standstill completely. In fact, if used correctly, both employers and jobseekers alike can use the summer period to their advantage in terms of finding the right candidates/roles. 

Below are some some simple practices which can help you get the most out of the summer months in the Office Support sector;

  • Take advantage of accessing available talent on the market as other companies take their foot off the pedal.|
  • Streamline your hiring process so that it’s as speedy as possible, keeping in mind the annual leave of hiring managers and key decision makers also.
  • Consider the option of hiring temporary employees which could potentially become permanent. There are always lots of professionals interested in temporary assignments over the summer months and this could help you get ahead of your competitors in the long run.
  • Take a look at your online presence, not only on LinkedIn but on review channels such as Glassdoor, and double check you are portraying the correct brand image that you wish to online.  
  • Being competitive in the market in terms of salaries/benefits and packages is crucial when trying to attract quality candidates.

When it comes to key trends during Q2, job seekers are essentially looking for companies with similar values to their own outlook in regards to employment. Therefore it is vital that employers sell what they can bring to the table and are accommodating in terms of what they can offer. Flexible working hours, work/life balance and benefits such as healthcare and insurance are more important than ever before. With such a buoyant job market,  most candidates are engaged in multiple processes and so have numerous opportunities available to them. Employers should be prepared for job seekers to be more confident in terms of negotiating salaries and benefits, and to lay out on the table what it is they want. 
     In terms of what employers are looking for, relevant industry experience but also experience such as internships, are viewed favourably, and are taken into account. Hobbies and interests such as team sports are also being considered in terms of demonstrating communication, team and leadership skills, and involvement in charity events, as companies are increasingly getting involved in CSR. 
      As with every quarter there are certain challenges which have affected both employers and jobseekers alike. In Q2, we saw supply outweighing demand in terms of Senior PA’s and Administrators on the market. There has been a lack of jobs at this level with not much movement in recent months. Jobseekers should consider taking on temp roles in these areas while they wait for more permanent positions to become available. 
     The areas of growth for this quarter include Office Support roles within the Engineering sector, in Cork in particular, with the focus mainly being on Document Controllers. The Multilingual market also continues to go from strength to strength due to the growth in e-commerce, for example there has been an influx in the need for Mandarin/German speakers in multinationals. The areas of property, real estate and construction have also continued to grow throughout the quarter. Litigation continues to be an in demand area for Legal Secretaries whereas growth within the Corporate Teams in Legal has slowed down noticeably due to Brexit. 
     As we look towards Q3, there is set to be an influx of new business which will lend itself to Office Support. The hiring process within Office Support is set to take longer in general with interview rounds being delayed due to important stakeholders being on annual leave. 

Top Tips for Jobseekers! You should keep recruiters up to date with your availability and annual leave so that they can work around this in advance. Consider temping during the summer months if you have immediate availability as this could be the step to get your foot in the door in a reputable company and to keep your skills up to date. 

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