This is how you want to dress for a summer interview

Ciara Kelly - 08/05/2018
Summer workwear

A bout of hot summer weather is no excuse for looking dishevlled, shabby and half dressed in a job interview! Here's some examples of interview attire this summer.

Ever looked around an office in summer and noticed hemlines creeping up, shirts untucked, more skin exposed and fake tan in full application? Keep it classy and cool for your job interview.

Here are some of my top tips for interview attire this summer.

Cropped trousers


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A great on-trend way of injecting a little summer into your work wardrobe. Teamed with a suit jacket, a light summer top and some heels; this is a great summer look.

Sleeveless shirts


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These are bang on trend, you will find a multitude of light and airy sleeveless shirts on the high street.  Keep it professional though, avoid spaghetti straps and make sure bra straps are safely tucked away.

Fitted t-shirts


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Often underestimated, a simple fitted plain coloured t-shirt is a great inexpensive way of pulling a suit look together.  Keep t-shirts pattern free and well fitted for a professional look.

Suit jackets

Avoid the urge to ditch your the suit jacket! Although it’s hot out there, remember this is a job interview and you are required to don a suit jacket. 



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Keep accessories to a minimum. Resist the urge to inject bright gaudy colours into your interview attire. Simple accessories that complement your professional attire are much more likely to impress your interviewer.

Light materials


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Materials like linen, cotton and chiffon are great ways of dealing with the summer heat. There are some great linen suits in an array of colours currently on the high street as well as lots of cotton and chiffon tops.

Skin on show


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As much as we like to embrace this fine weather, resist the urge to let too much skin show. For skirts, keep them knee length or below. For tops, sleeveless is fine but no cleavage on show please!

Tan and make up


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Keep tan and make up to a minimum. We all like to have a glow during the summer months but for interview purposes, avoid the orange streaky look and try to avoid heavy make up.

And finally, 'when in doubt, don’t!'If you think a piece of clothing could be inappropriate for an interview, it probably is!

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