Gotta catch 'em all: How can you attract the best candidates?


Unless you have been living under a rock in the middle of nowhere, you may be familiar with the world's latest obsession that is Pokémon Go. The aim of the game is to travel through the real world and virtual world of Pokémon via an iPhone or Android device to basically 'go catch 'em aAl'l! 

You must search your surroundings and various hot spots whilst competing against other players to seek out all species of Pokémon ranging from the more commonly found type to the rare or hard-to-find. So it got me thinking of how companies or clients may find themselves in a similar situation when trying to attract or capture top talent. You don’t want to find yourself running about the city in a frantic race to try and find that rare, one-in-a-million candidate, only for someone else to swoop in ahead of you and claim ownership. Today, candidates have many options and choices in terms of career paths and as such it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies’ to attract talent so follow these simple steps to help you Catch Em All!

Social Media

As most active job seekers are more commonly found via social media, it’s equally important for employers to have an active social media presence. Statistics show that 76% of job seekers use social media as a job sourcing tool. This is a great way of providing insight and a preview of your company culture, values, environment and your people. You want these candidates to want to work for you.

Work-Life Balance

This is another hot topic with candidates and it is a key factor in ensuring employees are kept happy. Simple things like offering flexible working hours where the business allows, working from home options, or even a half hour early finish on a Friday can really improve morale and have enormous impact for employees looking for that balance. Happy employees are much more efficient.


Another item high on the list of requirements for top candidates is progression opportunities. If you are lucky enough to have found your ideal candidate you don’t want to run the risk of losing them a year down the line due to lack of opportunity. Companies’ can avoid this by setting out suggested or usual career paths from the outset and try to structure a plan which will allow you to support your employees’ career progression which will in turn contribute to the growth and success of your business as well as their career.

Positive candidate experience

Interviews can be a great chance for you to showcase what it is your company has to offer. It’s the perfect opportunity for hiring managers to be a Brand Ambassador for their business. Portraying a positive working environment, strong work ethic, and highlighting the organisations key strengths and achievements will ensure your candidate will leave the interview wanting to know more and spreading the word on how great a company you are.

Be quick!

After investing so much of your time in a hiring process, you finally reach the end of the process and go to offer stage with a candidate only to find they have been snapped up elsewhere. If you are planning on making a new hire, make sure to set aside some time in your diary to review CV’s, compile your shortlist, conduct your interviews and have your decision made all within a set time frame. Managing the candidates’ expectations in terms of the hiring process and time frame involved can make the process a whole lot easier for both you and your candidates.

Of course another easy way to ensure you are attracting and meeting top talent is to get in touch with us here at La Crème. Think of us as the Pokémon Go Players! We’ve already done the hard work and caught those highly sought after candidates and have them ready and waiting to meet you. We will also be your Brand Ambassador and ensure that your company will be the hot spot where every candidate wants to be.