Have you got the xfactor?

Aileen McCarney - 24/05/2013
Career path

In recent years there has been much hype surrounding talent search shows such as the X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent, and The Voice.

A variety of singers and dancers grace the worldwide stage in front of millions of viewers who are glued to their television screens awaiting the 'next big thing'.

However, regardless of all of our enthusiasm and the encouragement that we give them from our sitting rooms, it is not the viewers that matter in their first auditions; it is the judges that have the power to progress the person to the next stage and potentially kick start their career.

Being a temporary candidate is similar to this. A temporary assignment, whether it is for a day, month or a year, is an opportunity to showcase your talent to managers and supervisors, potentially leaving a lasting impression that could launch your career! Here's some tips on how to grab the limelight in your temporary role:

Smile - you are on stage!

First impressions are key in a new contract. Being well presented, friendly, courteous, and capable will benefit you immensely. The office is like a stage where you are essentially on show, liaising with clients, customers, and colleagues on a daily basis, and so a friendly and upbeat attitude can play a big part in your career success.

Rise to the moment!

Every company wants a talented workforce at their core. If a manager or supervisor sees commitment, passion, and capability in one of their temporary employees, they will not forget them. Therefore it is paramount to carry out your duties to the best of your ability. Do not be afraid to showcase your skill-set!


From my experience, temporary candidates who show off their abilities in short term roles are never forgotten:

  • Candidates are asked back to the same companies on a continuous basis.
  • Recommendations are made to friends, other managers, or other divisions.
  • The great successes are offered long term contracts or potentially even a permanent role.

Never underestimate the opportunities that can arise from a few moments on stage. You just never know who could be watching.

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