Helpful tips to be an interview whizz

Sharon O'Donnell - 18/06/2018
Celebrating a successful interview

There really is no substitute for interview preparation. No agency, candidate or employer has any magic formula to acing your interview so it literally comes down to doing some old fashioned research. Thankfully with the internet at your fingertips, company insights and information are easily gathered.

Research the company

Products, services, competitors, anything that you can find, read it and learn about the company. This will inevitably arise in the interview and you want to let your potential employer know you mean business.


Interview preparation is something we offer all candidates interviewing with us. It is a great way to be ready for any questions you might be asked and it's best to do this preparation as close to the interview as possible. Take a look at our top 20 interview questions here.

Dress appropriately for your interview.

It's all about attitude, be positive and enthusiastic about the position and the company.

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