Christmas: time to get your hiring plans in order?

Erica Keegan - 14/11/2017
Preparing hiring plans for December and early January

I’m the first to give out when someone mentions Christmas so early but with less than five working weeks - have you got your Dec - Jan hiring plans sorted?

Here's why it’s the most wonderful time of the year to get your hiring plans in order.

First of all comes the panic that I am in no way prepared to host Christmas Day dinner for the whole family. Then comes the dread of facing the shops to buy the presents that I end up completely overthinking, wind up returning and am back at square one with no presents at all. So aside from Christmas party preparations, present buying, or preparing for the festive season in general, what else is on people’s minds?

It’s not surprising to know that a new job is often at the top of people’s wish list for Christmas. After all, what better way to start off the New Year than a new and exciting job?

As a business it can be easy to park your hiring processes in the run up to the festive season, as time and resources can often be limited. However for any number of reasons, whether critical hires, project-based requirements or budgetary reasons, hiring needs cannot always be shelved until January.  

When looking for that critical hire it’s important to bear in mind that, on average, unless the person is available immediately they will have to give their current employer a month's notice. So what does that mean if you are now looking to have someone on board straight out of the Christmas break

It means, don’t delay in kick-starting the process! Between advertising, shortlisting, interviewing and offering candidates you could be surprised by how quickly the time goes. It’s also important to realise that there are others out there hiring at the moment too, so delaying the process may mean that you miss out on the right person. 

Here in La Crème, we are seeing that it’s very much a candidate’s market right now, with candidates often having multiple offers on the table. So even if you are only getting your head round a requirement that you might have in the New Year, it’s a good idea to kick things off sooner rather than later. 

If you have a current hiring need or would like some advice on the current job market in Cork, feel free to give me a call!

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