How to attract excellent talent

Niamh Campbell - 26/05/2017
Your career guide

Here are five ways your business can attract great professionals. 

Ensure that the job description accurately portrays the role and “sells” the company to the professional

The job description is the first thing any professional job seeker will see about your company. You need to make sure this is used to its full potential.

Be open and honest about the salary and benefits package

Being upfront and honest about the salary range and the benefits package can save a lot heartache throughout the recruitment process. If you pitch a role with a salary that you are not willing to give in order to attract more experienced professionals only to lower it at the end of the process, the company will come across as underhanded, sneaky and disrespectful. People seeking new opportunities will be looking at companies that are transparent and honest. 

Respect a professionals' time

It is important to communicate throughout the process, from the initial application to the final interview. It is important to respect their time and ensure interviews happen as scheduled. It will reflect poorly if someone is left waiting thirty minutes for an interview to start and make them less likely to want to work with you.

Be innovative about benefits outside salary

Companies are becoming more innovative about benefits outside of the basic salary. Many companies now offer a subsidised gym, a sports and social club and free breakfasts as a way of attracting and retaining employees. If you are trying to recruit multilingual staff it is important to consider a relocation package as this is an excellent selling point to prospective employees. 

Training and development

Offering a full and comprehensive training and development programme is an excellent way to attract high quality talent. It shows that the company is invested in their employees and wants to see them succeed giving them the necessary tools to do so. 

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