How Businesses are managing recruitment during Covid-19

Sharon O'Donnell - 15/04/2020
How Businesses are managing recruitment during Covid-19

During this uncertain time, the team at La Crème have been both researching and finding out from our clients how best to adapt the recruitment process, in order to meet the challenges we are all currently facing.

We would like to share these insights with you, so as to help you navigate how to make priority hires. Like me you have probably heard that companies are reluctant to hire as they don't believe people are looking to take on a new role at the moment. Similarly for candidates, many think that businesses won't be hiring over the coming weeks. However, neither seems to be the case.
We have spoken to lots of candidates over the last few weeks who are eager, talented and ready to work. If you have a priority hire, don't be dissuaded from starting the process, you will have access to experienced candidates on the market. 

Throughout this period, La Crème and Morgan McKinley have been supporting clients through their hiring process, resulting in many successful hires, without face to face meetings in the traditional sense, so it can be done!

Here is what we have learned: 

Interview Process

It can be hard to begin a new hiring process during this time and there is naturally some uncertainty on how to begin. We have found that nothing really needs to change!
Keep it simple. The only difference is that you won't be meeting in person. Technology has proved to be a real hero at this time and companies are relying on it more than ever. 
We have been offering a virtual platform called ‘Lifesize’ to our clients so they can perform their “face to face” interviews. This is a free service we are providing to our clients. It's as simple as sharing a link and boom, you're in! 
Everyone is becoming more comfortable using virtual platforms as a tool to showcase their skills, experience and personality. It is what you make it, anything you would hope to find out from a traditional face to face interview can now be done via a virtual interview. 

Onboarding and Training

This is the next hurdle. How do we onboard and initiate induction & training with someone offsite/from home? How long could this go on for? 

We have seen very impressive and innovative ways to onboard and train new hires over the last few weeks. Many companies are uploading training videos and relevant software to laptops before couriering these out to their new employee. 
It is important to keep the lines of communication open. A great initiative many companies are adopting is arranging virtual coffee dates, training follow-up sessions and interaction with team members to integrate their new hire to the business and their colleagues. 


Some clients have decided to use this option when taking on a new hire or if the hire is for an interim period;  we offer a payroll service to streamline your recruitment process.

I really hope this has been helpful and if you have any follow up questions or interest in what other companies are doing, please don't hesitate to contact me at or any of the team in La Crème (  and Morgan McKinley. We are dedicated to supporting businesses through this challenging time. 

As the saying goes ‘Where there is a will there's a way!’.

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