How effective is your time management?

Rebecca Walsh - 08/04/2016
How effective is your time management??

This is a question, I think we all ask ourselves at some stage or another.

Time is something that we can have too little of or sometimes too much of! It is important to have some sort of plan on a day to day basis - whether this is in work or socially. Otherwise we can see our days just go and we haven’t achieved anything. This can be very frustrating.  

We all started our day thinking of what we need to do for the day! What deadlines do we have? How many people we have to meet? How many people we have to call? What we need to get in the shops? It can be very overwhelming!!! 

Here are a few tips in regard to good time management – this can be adapted to work and personal life! 

1. Carry a schedule or diary – write down all your appointments 
2. Schedule time for interruptions – be aware of how things can change at the last minute
3. Compile a to-do list – it is always nice to tick that box when it is done!! 
4. Take the first 30 minutes of your day to plan your day – this will give you a clearer idea of what is going to happen
5. Take 5 minutess before a meeting or call to define what you want to attain from this meeting or call
6. Go into a quiet room if needs be to get things done – especially if you work in a busy open plan office
7. Prioritise emails and call backs 
8. Block out other distractions – for example social media 

If you follow these tips – you will get more out of your day and feel like you have achieved something when you leave!!! 

Good Luck! 

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