How to find your next job on social media

Sarah McGregor - 14/03/2017
Job Search

Recruitment is an industry that is ever changing.

Hiring managers are constantly looking at new ways to recruit for skilled professionals. For jobseekers, finding their next career opportunity was once simply a search in a newspaper, but how times have changed.

Social media has become the main platform for finding jobs for both recruiters and jobseekers alike. Hashtags on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are making it easier for you to find content relevant to your job search too.

For those who are new to Twitter and using Hashtags, they are a great way to join a conversation online or have your say on any topic. When logging into Twitter you will also see the Hashtags that are trending each day. All you have to do is pick your keyword and add it to your post. It's #easy.

Below are some examples of popular hashtags to use in your #JobSearch.

Hashtag tips for your job search:


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