How La Crème can Support you through the Return to Work Phase

Sharon O'Donnell - 25/05/2020
How La Creme can Support you through the Return to Work Phase

As Ireland continues to move through the phased plan for the easing of Covid-19 restrictions, we are starting to see some green shoots.

Businesses which can adhere to social distancing guidelines are beginning to roll out plans to return to the office. However, not all staff members will be in a position to return to the office straight away.  In addition, many staff will have annual leave to take over the coming months which has built up during lockdown.  We’ve been speaking to lots of companies who are putting contingency plans in place and this is where we can help!

At La Crème, we specialise in both temporary and contract cover. We can support you and your teams during this transition.  Our consultants work with adaptable and professional office support candidates who are readily available and experienced.  We can arrange temporary cover for you in less than 24 hours!

Where possible, we would advise a brief handover to help ensure a smooth transition. 

This will help to familiarise the temp with your systems, logins, workload, office and facilities. It also gives them the opportunity to work out their commute to the office and ensure they can arrive on time on their first day. 

So what are the logistics?

We charge an hourly rate based on the salary the candidate would receive if made permanent or the equivalent of the current staff member, so be in line with the Agency Workers Act, this includes full transparency on working hours and annual leave entitlement.
The rate we charge is inclusive of temps wages, employers PRSI, holiday pay, payroll costs and agency fees. With this option, you only pay for the hours worked. 
We have a dedicated Contractor Experience team who will support you and your temporary staff with anything you may need. Our timesheets can be completed via our online system which makes it super easy to authorise timesheets. 
Some other benefits include:

  • We handle all payroll administration including all related queries (tax, p45s etc)
  • There are no additional hidden costs as the hourly rate is all inclusive
  • You will only pay for actual hours worked
  • This method spreads the cost of the temporary candidate over 6 months and will not affect the management accounts
  • Bank Holidays and annual leave are covered by Morgan McKinley
  • You are under no obligation to keep any candidate if it is not working out for any reason or if the work is coming to an end. Candidates on agency books only require one week’s notice
  • There is no sickness pay to candidates on agency books.

If this is something you feel you may need to avail of over the coming months, 
please do not hesitate to get in touch with me: 

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