How to plan your job search in five easy steps

Aileen McCarney - 10/05/2018
Five steps

Still looking for your dream job? Feeling frustrated that the endless array of CVs you've sent have got you nowhere? Here’s a new strategy.

1. Stay motivated 

Zig Ziglar, one of America’s top Life Coaches, was onto something when he spoke those words in an inspirational speech in New York. If you can motivate yourself and keep doing so on a daily basis in your job search you will succeed in finding the right job for you

2. Stay positive 

While searching for your dream job, it can sometimes be hard to stay positive. However, this is the trick to a successful job search. We’ve all heard the saying, "positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative.’’ The more positive you are the more positive opportunities, interviews and feedback you will attract.

3. Review your actions

If you have sent out 20 CVs and have had no responses then look at your CV. Think smart!

Ask yourself:

  • Is my CV detailed enough?;
  • Does it reflect my skills and experience?
  • Is my cover letter short and sweet?


If your answer to these questions is no, then you need to make some changes. Alter your CV to better reflect your experience, create a cover letter that’s short and snappy and look at your CV as though you were the employer – what attracts you to it?

Make those changes and resend your CV again and await the results.

4. Plan your day 

Set aside two to three hours each day where you solely concentrate on your job search.

Search the job sites, set yourself up for daily job alerts, ask your agency for advice, study your own specific area, read up on companies you would like to work for and read up on the profiles of people they tend to hire. Know what you want and go out and get it.

5. Exercise

It is very important to not only keep your mind active when on a job search but also your body. Get out and exercise daily, this will help you stay active and keep your mind focused when you need it the most.

Your dream job is just around the corner, even though sometimes it feels as though all hope it lost remember it’s all in your attitude. Stay motivated, stay positive, review your actions, plan your day and exercise. It’s a five step strategy that says win, win, win!

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