How to Rock your Interview - Red Carpet Style!

Red carpet

It’s that time of the year again where the red carpet gets rolled out, and the nominees get glammed up in the hope of winning the award of a lifetime in recognition for their show-stopping performances.

But there’s always one celebrity who didn’t get the dress code memo! Yes, Bjork springs to mind in her larger than life swan dress at the 2001 Oscars. All eyes were on her for the wrong reason, and she will most likely be remembered for being “worst dressed” rather than for her musical talent itself. 

So if you have an upcoming interview and want to avoid a major fashion faux-pas, and would rather be remembered for your strong skills, capabilities and super personality, here are some Interview style and etiquette tips to remember:

Be comfortable

Don’t opt for anything too restrictive. Last thing you want is to be sitting in front of your future boss pulling and tugging at your outfit. An interviewer will be able to tell immediately if you are uncomfortable in your clothes. It can be tempting to rush out and buy a brand new dress or suit but if you can’t resist, make sure you’ve road tested it first. You want to be focused on the interview itself and not on what you’re wearing. If you own a smart dress or suit that always gets you compliments, stick with the old favourite.

Put your best foot forward

So you’ve got the perfect dress or suit, next up are shoes. Heels are most definitely an essential for the ladies. And its best to keep it simple. Go for either black or neutral colour mid-heel in a pointed or round-toe court. Leave the strappy, open-toed, colourful or sparkly skyscraper heels for your night out celebrating your new job! And for the men, a freshly polished pair of formal dress shoes.


This is a great way to show some personality and a sense of your own style. And while statement jewellery can transform your outfit and add some interest and focus, try to avoid anything which will encourage nervous fidgeting like that noisy bracelet which rings like church bells at the slightest movement. Don’t go overboard with accessories, choose just one or two pieces that compliment the rest of your outfit. Luckily men don’t have to over think this part, but an interview is most definitely not the time to pull out the novelty, flashing, musical ties, keep it simple and well ironed. A red tie depicts power and assertiveness, whilst a blue tie portrays persistence and professionalism.

Get groomed

When it comes to hair and make-up less is more! You want to show the interviewer that you are professional, polished and confident, and most importantly, you want to look like you. Don’t go painting on a mask of make-up to hide behind. Instead choose a simple, understated yet well groomed look. Make sure your hair is clean and well brushed, windswept is not a good look! And for the boys, if you like 99% of the population are sporting a beard these days, now is the time to decide if the beard stays or goes. Although beards are trending everywhere lately, they are not always welcome in overly conservative or corporate companies. And lastly, go easy on the perfume or after shave, you want them to see you before they smell you!

So, you’ve nailed the interview and have landed your dream job what next? Well you want to make sure you have a stand-out acceptance speech, or in this case thank you note prepared. Keep it brief, effective and to the point. Make sure its formal yet personable and addressed to those who voted for you! Just don’t go all Gwyneth Paltrow about it and be over emotional to the point where your thank you speech alone deserves an Oscar!

If you’re currently on the market for new opportunities and would like some professional and helpful advice on the interview process, please contact us here at La Crème.