How to write an excellent job spec

Niamh Campbell - 14/03/2018
Writing a job ad or specification to attract new employees

Writing a job specification is one of the most important tasks when recruiting. It sets the tone for the process and the type of professional that you want to attract. It is the first thing a professional will see about your company and it needs to not only represent the position in an accurate manner but also try to garner interest so people will want to work there.


You can attract high-quality talent through a job specification by including all the positives your company has to offer. For example, if your company has won awards such as the Great Places to Work or industry awards it is important to include them.

Benefits and perks?

Other ways to attract quality talent are to include benefits outside of a base salary, such as a subsidised gym or canteen. These are key selling points for your business and many companies are coming up with ingenious ways of attracting the best talent, like setting up a nail bar for staff on Friday afternoons. 

Job role and responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities section of the job specification is equally important. You are defining the skill set you require and this needs to be accurate in order to appeal to the right professionals. Don’t include all the duties this role will require as it will be overwhelming for the reader. Keep it to a few short crucial points.

Key skills and attributes

When you are writing the key skills and attributes section, it is vital to keep your 'company culture' in mind. If your company culture promotes a friendly, collaborative atmosphere, it is important that the job specification reflects that. 

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