The job interview: it all comes down to one day

Aileen McCarney - 03/03/2018
Preparing for job interview day

All the preparation you put in comes down to one day, a day where somebody you may never have met will judge you in a relatively short period of time. How can you ensure everything goes well?

Prepare. Prepare. And prepare some more.

Know the company you are interviewing with

Don’t be one of those candidates who turn up for an interview and when asked about the company, dance around the question with irrelevant information in the hope the employer won’t notice that you still haven’t answered the question. Knowing about the company, their clients and their internal values plays a vital role in showing the interviewer you not only want the role but you also want to work for their company.

Competency-based questions

Competency-based questions are asked based on the idea that past behaviours are the best indicators of future performances. They are becoming more and more popular and candidates who don’t prepare can be left with the urge to run out of the interview screaming. Once you have a number of real life examples prepared you will be able to answer a large array of competency questions.

The importance of appearance

You don’t want the interviewer getting the same feeling when they look at you, so dress professionally and ensure every aspect of your appearance is perfect. This includes your hair, make up, nails and a personal pet-peeve of mine is unpolished shoes so get your polish out the night before and once you can see your reflection you know you are ready to go!

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