In the interview: skill set versus personality

Jesse Hoban - 29/11/2017
Skills or personality?

Which is more important to a potential employer, personality or skill set? Some pick personality as skills can be taught, others pick skills as the job needs to get done.

My answer would be both.

Firstly, your skills will get you an interview. Having your CV up to date and detailing your skills and achievements is the first hurdle.
The second hurdle is the interview. Here the employer wants to know more about your CV. This is your time to really sell your skill set and capabilities. However, not only does the employer want more in depth detail about your CV, they also want to get to know you and your personality.
This Christmas season do not underestimate the importance of letting your personality shine in an interview. Your CV has gotten you the interview; the employer knows your skills, you have given in-depth examples, now what is going to make you stand out from the rest of the other candidates. 

So how do you let your personality shine?

Well, the short and long answer is prepare, prepare and prepare some more. By learning your CV inside out, preparing for the tough interview questions and having examples to back these answers up will give you the confidence in yourself that you are ready for the interview.  The phrase “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” really comes into play when it comes to interview skills and techniques. 
Now of course with all interviews there will be an element of nerves, don’t worry you are not alone there! Employers expect a bit of nerves, remember they once had to interview to.  However you should set yourself up for success by being as prepared as possible. I find that interviews can be a lot like exams. The more I studied for a test the less nervous I was going in to the exam. Luckily for us we can pre-empt the questions that are going to be asked in an interview such as:
  • Can you give me an example of when you had to work under a great deal of pressure?
  • Can you give me an example of when you felt you were out of your depth? How did you handle this? 
  • What is your strength and weaknesses? 
So be prepared! The more prepared you are the more yourself you will be, and any future employer would be so lucky to have someone like you!  If you are considering a career move or seeking some advice and tips on how to best prepare for an interview, get in touch today.
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