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Brenda Duffy - 25/01/2017
Employment law

Following on from our own successful Employment Law Breakfast Briefing last Thursday, 19th January 2017, we attended the Dungarvan and West Waterford Chamber Employment Law event in The Park Hotel yesterday morning.

Kevin Callan (Practicing Barrister in Civil, Contract and Employment Law) went through a number of very valuable details with us regarding contracts, employee handbooks, social media and abuse of sick leave. 

The key points noted:


  • 2 - 3 pages long
  • Able to negotiate what is in them
  • Offer and make them available to staff
  • Sign and date it
  • The last paragraph should note - reference the staff hand book


Staff Handbook:

  • Make sure your employee has received, read and understood the handbook, have a sign in sheet for the day they get the handbook
  • If any issues arise from same, confirm a date and time by which the issue must be notified, otherwise this is taken as acceptance of same
  • You have the right to change anything in the handbook at any time, this must be clearly noted 
  • The handbook should cover Grievance Procedure, Disciplinary, Dignity in the Workplace, Bullying Policy plus all policies to be covered - social media, mobile phone use etc.


Return to work interviews are a good way to help reduce abuse of sick days - you can have a return to work interview after one day off work - always check why the employee was out and are they fit to return to work?

Exit Interviews should be carried out as soon as the person hands in their notice in order to be effective - the two main things to ask: Why are you leaving and is there any issue with the company causing you to leave? 

Overall, it was a very informative event, I am sure everyone took something away from it. There is so much involved, these events really help get employers thinking about what they need to do in order to protect themselves. 

We will be holding further events ourselves throughout the year and hope many of our clients will avail of same.  

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