La Crème Webinar - Top Interview Tips

Lauren Hendry - 01/04/2016
La Crème Webinar - Top Interview Tips

Whether you are looking for an office support role or in another sector we explain how to answer those tricky competency questions and explain the STAR approach.


We’ve all been asked the following questions that make our palms sweat:

- Tell me about yourself?
- What are your weaknesses?
- What questions do you or don't you ask?

It’s not natural for a lot of us to ‘sell’ ourselves but we have simple preparation tips to help you! All in 30 minutes!

We will cover:

  • The basics
  • Pre-interview preparation
  • Common interview questions
  • STAR Technique explained
  • Competency based questions, what are they?
  • Questions for the Employer


This webinar is designed to give you the support you need do a winning interview! It can't be overstated that preparation before your interview will greatly increase your chances of getting that dream job!

Best of luck! 

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