How to best approach your New Year career resolutions

Sharon O'Donnell - 10/01/2018
New Year

One of my favourite quotes for the New Year and no better timing than January to put it into practice! Unfortunately like many resolutions we start off with the best intentions but without a realistic goal and strategy in place, these often fall by the wayside.

In relation to a job hunt, and the onset of the January blues, the impulse is to apply to numerous roles in a panic that are both unsuitable and not in line with long term career goals. Like all resolutions how we approach them determines our level of success.

So this year before applying to anything take the time to think about the next step for you.

Be clear about what job you want and why

Think about what aspects of your career you would like to change or develop this year and what motivates you in your career. In a challenging market, the temptation to play it safe is very understandable. If you are however, unhappy or insecure in your job, then it makes sense to start actively researching the market to see if there are other better opportunities out there for you.

Make a list

Write a list of all of the practical things that you need to do in order to achieve those goals and give yourself a realistic target date for the completion of each task. This will keep you focused on your priorities and provide a realistic schedule rather than relying on sporadic bursts of applications.

Have a good CV

We all know how important your CV is but I have been so surprised when meeting candidates how sparse the information they have provided on the CV has been. What has come up time and time again, is that people have difficulty actually describing or even remembering what they do on a daily basis

Ensure that your CV is fully updated and reflects the skills and experience you wish to develop in your next role.

Go back to basics

Become tuned into what it is that you are doing on a daily basis, even if it means keeping a notepad beside you to remind yourself of your various tasks. This will allow you to give a more accurate overview of your experience

Prepare your CV

Use minimal formatting, using a basic font and size, such as Calibri 11. Since recruitment agencies will need to present your CV in a particular manner, you want to make sure that it’s easily formatted by your recruiter to make sure your application is sent as quickly as possible.

Use bullet points rather than paragraphs

Everybody wants to access information as quickly as possible these days

The old rule of having a two page CV is good in theory but if it means you’re leaving out vital information, then you might be reducing your chance for interview​

One targeted, specialist recruiter

Rather than applying to numerous agencies, research and really focus on the specialists within your target area. They will have the most relevant and up-to-date market knowledge and are most likely to have relevant roles of interest to you.

Ask your recruiter for help.

We can help you to deliver the most important information concisely so that you don’t end up leaving things out.

Finally, be realistic

Securing the right role takes commitment and time and not something that will happen overnight. So make a plan of action and make the right move for you this year!

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