Numerous offers on the table?…How to know the one for you

Rebecca Driscoll - 16/06/2016
Numerous offers on the table?…How to know the one for you

The job applications and interview preparations have paid off. You had hoped to get a job offer but what happens when you get two, or three for that matter?

Working in the recruitment industry we witness first-hand the ups and downs presented by the market. In 2016 it is true to say candidate activity is as high as it has ever been. So what happens if you find yourself faced with multiple tempting offers on the table? Needless to say, making this choice is a difficult one so here are a few tips which may help with in the decision making process:

  1. Revert back to your initial motivations: Any good jobseeker will know their true motivations why they are looking in the first place. Setting your goals and priorities for your next career move will keep you on the right track the first day and set a target for you to work towards. Reminding yourself of these throughout the job seeking process, whether it’s the desire for new industry experience, a better work life balance or the opportunity for progression will help you when faced with a tough decision at the end.


  1. Look beyond the salary: While salary is important to all of us, you may find yourself making a few wrong moves if salary is your sole motivator. If the salary and compensation is in line with your expectations, look at all the other contributing factors – progression, work life balance, benefits, company reputation and working culture. Many companies offer benefits, incentives and salary reviews which will in turn reflect your longer term goals anyways.


  1. Permanent work isn’t the be all and end all: This one is subjective to your personal circumstances. If you are in a position where you can consider the option of a fixed term contract or temporary role then seriously consider these options. Having worked on a permanent, temporary and contract desk I have seen many temporary and contract opportunities convert into permanent positions and these contracts often allow candidates to demonstrate their skills and can open many doors.


  1. Listen to your Recruitment Consultant: Your Recruitment Consultant knows their market better than anyone else at that point in time. They will be able to offer you advice, educate you on the market and more than likely will have had experience with previous placements or have some knowledge of the company. You will find they will be your ally at times like these. Utilise them!


  1. Don’t settle: During your job search the goal posts might change and a role may no longer fit in with what you are looking for or you may not be happy with any of the opportunities presented to you. If this is the case re-assess your motivations and start again and remember, while we would all be very flattered by numerous job offers coming our way, do not get too big for your boots. When you make your decision do not burn bridges when declining the remaining offers. You never know when the opportunity may present itself to work with or in conjunction with this organisation again.
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