Interview tips for office support professionals

Sharon O'Donnell - 01/11/2017

OK, you have an office support interview afoot. Not to sound cliché but stay calm and let's make a list!


Do you have something suitable to wear? No matter what the dress code at the firm, you must be presentable and preferably wear a suit, shirt or tailored smart dress. There really is no excuse for poor attire at an interview. 


Take the time to prep your journey, be it by car, bus, plane or train, give yourself plenty of time to get there!


Don't make the mistake of assuming you know enough about the prospective employer. Research the company, how it began, the size, if it has a presence in other locations, its competitors, take a look at what they are doing. You can never know too much about the employer or the industry and this will really impress an employer at the interview stage.

STAR formula

No don't wear a star shaped hat or bring one for luck! Familarise yourself with the STAR formula I promise you won't be disappointed. The STAR formula helps you to prepare for questions that you will inevitably be asked.

Be courteous

From the minute you speak to the receptionist at the company, be sure that you are the very best version of you. Be polite, have manners and thank interviewers for their time. It is easy when you are nervous to forget the basics.

Be yourself

It sounds cheesy but never be afraid to show your personality. It will allow the company to get a feel for who you are and vice versa.

Know your CV

Make sure you can ably talk about each key element on your CV.

Ask a question

Show that you are interested in the job by asking a question. Avoid salary and benefit questions in the first interview. You can tackle this at a later stage whether in second round interview or at the offer stage!

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