Pinterest-ing for job seekers

Sharon O'Donnell - 11/09/2017

Most people will be familiar with Pinterest as the website that allows you to easily find things like recipes, interior design ideas and pictures of cute puppies. Amongst its perhaps less obvious uses, Pinterest can also prove useful to job seekers.

Users of Pinterest can save, or 'pin', their favourite online findings to virtual bullet boards so they can be easily found for future reference. From blog posts to images and products, it can all be pinned.

While it might be quite unlike the more conventional social networking websites like LinkedIn, Pinterest can be used by job seekers in much the same way.

Firstly, you can use Pinterest to find and research companies you find interesting or might want to work for – much like you would on LinkedIn. Many companies use Pinterest, creating their own boards, posting images with captions about the type of company they are, their culture, their ethics, their priorities and products. It's a brilliant way to get rapid insight into the company and the language they use. All this will enable you to create a tailored application when you apply to them.

You could create a board of the employers you want to apply to and list interesting facts about them, but you could also create a board all about you. It could say everything you want to say to an employer about yourself in a brilliantly visual, memorable way, with no fear of people tagging you in inappropriate photographs. Your 'CV board' could have pictures of the companies you've worked for, schools you attended, places you've volunteered, hobbies you love and awards and achievements.

You need to keep it simple, though, and make it easy for an employer to see not only what you've done and where you've done it, but also your skills and abilities, attributes and goals. As long as you can find great pictures that visually show off you and your career you can create something really eye-catching for a potential employer. For those in more creative fields you can create a portfolio board, showcasing your work.

Pinterest also allows search engines to follow and read links to your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, website and blog. The more often your real name appears in the links and items you post to Pinterest the higher your name will rank in Google: it gives you more control over the results that are generated by an employer googling your name. 

Or Pinterest could just be somewhere for you to organise your thoughts on your job search and work out what you really love. It's great fun, but remember, if you're going to use it for professional purposes, to keep the content professional too.

WARNING: Pinterest is, what has affectionately become known as, a 'time-suck' – you could lose days in there!

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