Preparation is KEY

Rebecca Walsh - 20/10/2015
Plan, prepare, perform

Having worked in recruitment for nearly 14 years, I have found that candidates that are unsuccessful in getting a job offer, mostly has been down to lack of preparation. If you are going to do something in your personal life you would prepare beforehand!

If you were baking a cake or cooking dinner you would have to prepare the ingredients first – the meal or cake won’t cook themselves. Going for an interview shouldn’t be any different!

As a recruiter I would always send a candidate (interviewee) interview preparation documents, company website, address, Interviewers name and the date/time. I would then follow this up with a phone call to have an in-depth conversation with the candidate to make sure they are prepared for the interview. It is imperative that all candidates prepare for interviews. As a recruiter we give you the tools but it is up to you to do the homework so you feel 100% confident in going to the interview and getting that ultimate job offer!

Here are some tips to make sure you are prepared -

  1. Homework – always make sure you have looked at the company’s website in detail. You know what they do as a business and that you are able to talk about them. It is not enough just to rehash the website. It is important that you do searches to find out as much as you can. For example job announcements, mergers or takeovers.
  2. LinkedIn – I would suggest to candidates to look up their interviewers profiles on LinkedIn before the interview. You may find that you have common ground with them for example you went to the same school or college or you have a similar working background. By finding out this information is gives you something to talk about with the potential employer.
  3. Test run to the company – I would suggest that before the interview you go to the company location so you know where you are going on the day of the interview. This is important as you don’t want to be rushing around trying to find the place on the day, this could make you flustered and agitated and you wouldn’t be in the mind-set to perform to your best at the interview.
  4. Job Spec and CV – Always look through both the job spec and be able to demonstrate your experience in accordance with this. You have been asked to go for interview so this is your time to shine and tell them why you should get the job and why you are best suited to it. By giving real working examples of your experience this will demonstrate why you are the best person.
  5. Recruiters Advice – Please listen to your recruiter when they prep you for an interview. The recruiter will be able to give you an insight into the type of interview it will be and also what to expect. They are trying to help you get the job. My advice would be always accept interview preparation from your recruiter they are only helping you!


I hope this above tips will help you in your interview preparation. Remember Preparation is KEY!!!

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