Recently Graduated? 5 Top Tips to kickstarting your career..

Alice Waters - 05/06/2019
Top Tips for Graduates

Breaking into the working world after graduating can be tough, that's why we have put together some useful tips to ease the process..

Have you just finished college or university? Are you at a crossroads as you embark on your career journey into the working world? Everybody has to start somewhere, and so we’ve put together some of our Top Tips for recent or upcoming graduates to help you take that first step in your job search..

1) Clean up your social media…
Whilst most of us are aware that many employers use social media by way of LinkedIn to check up on future or prospective employees, we can sometimes forget than an employer could try and find us on other social media platforms as well. In fact, one in three employers have rejected an employee because of something they have found out about them online by doing a search. Some easy ways to get started on your social media spring clean can include doing a quick Google search of your name to see what relevant postings come up and adjusting your privacy settings on all social media channels. Think about first impressions!

2) Be flexible
The change from student to employee is a tough one but the best employee is the one that’s flexible. Even though college is over, you’ll still be learning so much on the job. Soak it all in.

3) Include all work experience on your CV..
When trying to secure that first job, it is all about making yourself more employable. Taking part in some volunteering can be a great way of adding to your CV. Volunteering really makes your CV stand out, it shows commitment, allows you to develop and learn new skills and builds connections. The experience you gain while volunteering in terms of skills and practical experience can be related to many aspects of working life. Also include any work placement from college on your CV!

4) Consider temping…..
As temping is often made up of shorter assignments and roles of a more flexible nature, it can be the ideal first career step for recent or upcoming graduates. Temping can be a great way of trying out a particular role or industry:

  • Temping can also be used as an entry point to a company or organisation which otherwise you may not have the chance to work with. A ‘foot in the door’ as such! 
  • It can often be difficult to secure a full time or even a part time job without any relevant experience, and therefore temping gives you an opportunity to build up invaluable experience to add to your CV. 
  • They can also provide you with new skills and training which you may not have been exposed to in school or university.
  • Life after college can be expensive, so temping is also a way to start the money coming in.

5) Go out to impress
The contacts you make during temping could prove invaluable in your future career and could provide a reference on your resume, so you should perform as you would in a permanent job, as you never know when you will need to fall back on this experience or what doors it might open. 

6) Make the most of every opportunity…
Whether it be a temp opportunity or not, every work experience is valuable in the grand scheme of things. Therefore it is important to take each role seriously and give it your best shot, no matter how short a time it may be for.

Interested in finding out more about temping?  We are running a series of Graduate Sessions for anybody who may be unsure of their next steps after completing college or university. This will be a unique opportunity to avail of one-to-one advice and guidance, as mentioned above. If you are a recent graduate of Business Administration, BIS, Economics, Law, Arts, etc then please don’t hesitate to get in touch today at to book your confidential session and find out more. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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