The Rise of the Irish Temp Economy

Lauren Hendry - 13/08/2018
The Rise of the Irish Temp Economy

What exactly are the driving factors behind the rise of the temp economy, and what effect is it having on businesses?

Over the last few years, there has been a significant shift here in Ireland in the attitude towards different worker types. Traditionally, the popular ideal was that of being a full-time, pay rolled employee, however the tides have turned and now more and more people are interested in a more flexible, unrestrictive way of working, which is why temp positions are so appealing. So, what exactly are the driving factors behind the rise of the temp economy, and what effect is it having on businesses?

What’s driving the rise of temp employees in the workforce?
The general consensus once was that when you started working life, you stayed in the same 9-5, Monday-Friday job for as long as possible, climbing the career ladder and going from position to position all within the same company, or maybe not climbing the career ladder that much at all. Over time, factors such as technological advancements (e.g the increased use of the smartphone) and an increased desire among employees to work a more flexible schedule and gain experience across a broad range of areas have all contributed to the shift towards the increased uptake of temporary positions.

With the Irish economy in the best shape it has been in for quite some time, and unemployment rates remaining low, it has become somewhat of an employees' jobs market. People are now searching for the right type of employment to suit their lifestyle or current situation, for example, single parents, expats who have just moved home or those simply considering a career change. Companies are therefore reacting to this switch in demand and so they have begun to offer more flexible positions and shorter term contracts, which has caused them to look outside the box and create more and more temporary opportunities within their business. This ultimately allows employers to work with a larger talent pool and more diverse skill sets, which they may not have had access to beforehand.

Travel is a huge factor behind the temp economy, and one which is sometimes overlooked. With so many people leaving Ireland to travel and moving here to live and work, it is no wonder that temping seems like the ideal option when sourcing employment. You may not necessarily want to enter into a long or permanent contract if your plan is to vacate the country in the next year or two, and the same can be said if you have moved here but do not see yourself staying in Ireland long term. This increase of professionals, especially recent graduates, who have a desire to travel has no doubt propelled the temp economy to where it’s at today.

Rise of the Temp Economy

What effect is the temp economy having on businesses and job seekers?
The rise in the number of temporary employees in the workforce has had its own effects on both businesses and job seekers. It allows businesses to adapt to fluctuations in workload or staffing requirements both easily and efficiently. This means that employee shortages, whether caused by illness, sudden departures or other reasons, is not as serious an issue as it once was, and one that is easily resolved. This results in an overall more efficient workplace and a more flexible jobs market which is beneficial for both employers and employees. This in turn improves a businesses' productivity which will help with employee retention rates.

Another positive effect that this rise is having in terms of business, is that it allows a company to evaluate a professional as a worker without making a huge commitment which they may later regret. This then results in a skilled workforce which are fit for the job. It is a cost efficient way of getting the job done, and is much easier than hiring a full time worker who may disappoint and having to let them go.

The increase in temp positions and temp employees means that a recruitment agency such as ourselves must do our utmost to meet your company’s needs, in order to keep up with stiff competition on the market. Speed of service and a strong consultative approach are just two of the factors we pride ourselves most on La Creme, and we believe that this goes a long way in providing an experienced and accommodating service to both clients and job seekers alike.


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