Strong level of short term requirements in office support...

Sharon O'Donnell - 18/10/2018
Office Support

As Q3 comes to a close, our specialist recruitment teams have provided insight into the jobs market within Office Support.

In this Q3 Review, we will be looking at; an overview of the office support market in general, the most frequent roles placed across the country, highest paying roles our specialists have placed and some workplace insights surrounding flexibility, workplace wellness and workplace benefits. 

Throughout the past quarter, there has been a strong level of short term requirements across the country, although significantly lower in the Dublin region. 

In Cork, the job flow for short term requirements has been strong, as is often the case during the summer months in order to cover periods of annual leave.The market has seen a lot of junior to mid level admin roles become available. During July and August, there was actually a shortage of professionals for the number of roles available in the region, possibly due to the above average weather conditions we were experiencing causing people to lack motivation in their job search. This took a sharp rise come September, with a massive increase in applications and in job flow itself being seen. There hasn’t been much movement in the senior administrative market in the region. On the permanent side of things, job and candidate flow was quite slow for Q3, possibly also due to the unexpected heatwave. However, towards the end of Q3, there was a pick up in the market, and an increase in jobs especially within the large multinational companies. 

In Waterford, temporary and contract job flow has been strong but there has been a significant slow down in permanent recruitment.  Like in Cork, an increase in temporary recruitment is always common at this time of year to cover annual leave but we have also found that companies are hiring in temporary and short term contract staff to assist in clearing the backlog of work that has built up throughout the year. The flow of professionals in the sector is strong at the moment and there is an increasing number of them looking to relocate home to the South- East. 

In Limerick Temporary and Contract flow has been steadily increasing however we did see a lull during the summer months which would be unusual in comparison to other years.  Q3 saw a large volume of short term contracts in from Accountancy practices, Legal Firms and Medical Practices covering  administration, secretarial ans executive assistant roles.  The permanent job flow in Limerick continued to grow throughout particularly in September when sales and CS roles were in abundance

In Dublin, we see a bit of a difference to the other regions, permanent job flow has been slow, but there has been a huge increase in terms of temp cover, particularly in regards to longer term temporary opportunities for 3 months plus. The flow of professionals is low at the moment, candidates are being more selective in terms of opportunities on the permanent side. In relation to those available for temporary roles, many are reluctant to commit to longer term temp roles to avoid missing out on permanent opportunities.

Most Popular Roles By Region:


  • Customer Service Administrators - to support projects.
  • Mid Level Admin - due to growth.
  • Receptionists with wider range of responsibilities - due to the demand for traditional receptionists that are difficult to attract suitable candidates are they are looking for more than pure reception.


  • Junior - Mid Level Administrators - to cover annual leave 
  • Customer Service Representatives - to support projects
  • Sales Administrators & Order Management with languages - due to expansion, internal movement/ promotion & attrition  


  • Customer Service Representative  - due to growth
  • Secretarial / Administration - due to growth and backlog in work 
  • Junior level Administrators - due to growth


  • Customer Service Multilingual - Due to Growth
  • Team Leaders & Supervisors Customer Service - Due to Growth
  • Temp Administrators - Cover Annual Leave and Sick Leave

Highest Paying Roles - Our Teams Have Placed


  • Office Manager | Tech Start Up | €57,000
  • Customer Service Admin | FMCG | €37,000
  • Executive Assistant | Property | €50,000


  • Customer Order Coordinator | Tech| €40,000
  • Personal Assistant | FMCG | €40,000
  • Sales Administrator | Engineering | €45,000


  • Order Administrator | Tech | €27,000
  • Secretary | Secretary |  €30,000
  • Quality Document Controller | Pharma | €34,000


  • Customer Service Manager | Medical Devices | €55,000
  • Senior Administrator | Agri Business Farming | €49,000
  • Channel Manager | IT | €68,000

Workplace Insights


In Cork, the role on the market with the most flexibility is that of Part-time Administrators. These roles don’t come up so often but when they do, clients are being flexible and are open to offering flexible working hours such as 2 or 3 full days per week or 5 mornings / afternoons. Their priority is to find the right employee and then work the hours around them. In general for full time long-term / permanent positions, clients are open to market information and salary guidance as it’s a competitive, candidate driven market and they want to secure the best talent. They see the benefits in offering attractive packages but they’re not in a position to be as flexible as the market demands.
     In Dublin, the most flexible role is that of a Medical Secretary. These professionals who have strong experience in the area are in demand and therefore clients are more open to offering flexibility around days/hours worked in order to secure the right candidate. There has also been an increase in the number of job share roles available including reception positions.
      In terms of emerging trends which accommodate flexibility, better holiday allowances, late starts and early finishes to accommodate family circumstances plus job shares are gradually becoming more and more common. 

Workplace Wellness

The above concept varies from region to region. In Cork, in regards to the permanent market in particular, this isn’t something clients are conscious of in general, especially with the SME’s. One example of where this is coming into play is with one SME client who are currently offering in-house massages for employees to compensate for extra  working hours. 
     When it comes to the Dublin region it’s a bit more active with clients holding Mental Health weeks and more of a focus on wellness being part of everyday working life.


There has been some performance related bonuses being offered from some companies but this is not widespread - however, the bigger multinationals are offering healthcare & pension contributions. Some FMCG clients in particular are offering online learning tools with certified qualifications that assist with internal career progression. In the Dublin region, bonuses are making a strong appearance again, alongside flexibility around standard hours and structured and defined career paths. In addition to this, completion bonuses are becoming more commonplace for fixed term contracts, to make them more attractive, something that hasn’t been seen in a number of years. 

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