Temporary Assignment: As Important as a Permanent Job!

Aileen McCarney - 30/11/2012
Human resources

There are many misconceptions about temporary work and some job seekers decide not to consider it while looking for a long term opportunity. The reality is however, there are benefits in undertaking temporary employment and in the long term, it can be just as important as a permanent job. Temporary contracts can present opportunities such as:

Up Skilling
Professionals sometimes do not realise that it can be quite difficult to break into the office support industry with little administrative experience. A temporary contract is an excellent way of breaking into office support, with candidates getting the opportunity to work in a diverse mix of industries within a variety of roles. Whether this is an assignment for one week or a long term contract, temporary assignments are an excellent way of avoiding gaps and continuously adding value to your CV.

Temp to Perm Opportunities
In the current climate, many companies are not able to take on permanent staff, and so they opt to take on temporary workers. This is an excellent opportunity for you to gain invaluable experience in a new company; to keep your CV populated with recent experience and, most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on the client.

Although some clients may not be able to take on a new member of staff permanently at this moment in time, this is not to say that their situation will not change further down the road. In my experience, if a candidate proves themselves and makes a lasting impression, a client will do their utmost not to let them go. In my role as a temporary and contract consultant, I see candidates being offered long term contracts and permanent roles very regularly after temping with a company for a period of time.

It is vital to keep an open mind when embarking on your job search. Weigh up your options and consider every opportunity that is presented to you. The endless options that temping may present to you, are not to be dismissed!

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