Is temporary work a good idea?

Erica Keegan - 14/07/2022
Is temporary work a good idea?

La Crème have been specialising in Business Support for over 30 years. Since then, we have worked with thousands of candidates who are seeking work in a temporary capacity.

Why temporary you ask?

Being a La Crème temp is an attractive option for many people, and can suit those at varying points
in their career. So, what does working as a temp offer you, that a permanent role simply can’t?

  • The ability to work in a variety of industries or equally to focus on a chosen discipline – this is completely on your terms
  • Flexibility with the days and times you work – you let us know when you are available
  • The opportunity to develop or advance your technical skills
  • Exposure to different types of management styles and companies
  • The opportunity to network with new professionals and hiring managers
  • Exposure to various types of products or systems offered in a particular industry
  • The chance to experience working within an organisation before taking up a permanent post
  • Bridging the gap on your CV between permanent contracts. Or in my own case, following a relocation from abroad an opportunity to get back to work in the Irish system again
  • Access to assignments in Ireland’s leading employers - SME and Multinational
  • A ‘working interview’ with visibility to key decision makers in sought-after organisations
  • An award-winning contractor experience team who are your dedicated point of contact throughout your assignment
  • Temporary work offers weekly pay & as you work you will accrue annual leave which can be paid out at the end of an assignment.

Why companies hire La Crème temps

Our temps are a key asset to companies and organisations throughout Ireland providing them with:

  • Access to a skill set as and when needed
  • Cover for maternity leave or absences i.e sick leave, holiday cover etc.
  • Additional cover for particularly busy periods of business, project support
  • The opportunity to gauge a candidate's potential suitability for a permanent position

Are you suited to temporary work?

Professionals who are successful in temporary work are typically:

  • Immediately available - a temporary assignment typically requires an immediate start
  • Reasonably flexible in terms of personal commitments and working hours
  • Have the ability to learn quickly and adapt to a companies’ culture
  • Pro-active problem solvers and excellent communicators
  • Have up-to-date skills set in line with the type of work
  • Have the ability to hit the ground running
  • Can start new assignments at short notice
  • Remain open minded – a temp position can be 1 day, 1 week or 1 year long

As someone who was a La Crème temp (longer ago than I care to admit), I can help you see the value of getting your foot in the door of a number of different companies, and where this may take you in your long term future.

If you have been considering working temporary roles or would like more information on how the
process works feel free to reach out to or submit your CV via the La Crème
website today!

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