Top management tips for great leaders

Ciara Kelly - 14/01/2016
Top Management Tips for Great Leaders

So after months of meeting with and interviewing candidates you have finally gotten your dream team up and running.  They’re everything you’ve been looking for over the past few months but now your challenged with a different feat – how to keep them engaged!  As their leader, they are looking to you for inspiration and the next six months of their time under you will be critical.  Here are my top tips to keeping your team motivated.

Adjust Your Management Style

Don’t assume that your management style will suit everyone because it simply won’t.  You have so many different personalities and individuals on your team that you will need to adjust your management style to suit them.

Set Targets

Setting targets for employees to work towards will motivate your employees.  Ensure the targets are achievable and realistic.  Ensure employees are armed with the tools needed to hit their targets and check in regularly to ensure they are on the right path.

Give Feedback

An employee needs feedback whether it good or bad in order to grow and develop.  Don’t be afraid to give feedback that is negative as long as it’s constructive and an employee can learn from it.


We know that no one can do it better than you but you need to delegate to give yourself more time to complete tasks more appropriate to your own level.  Giving employees extra responsibility will keep them motivated and will give them purpose.

Lead by Example

Although you may have developed many a bad habit over the years, make sure your new hire is shown the correct process and way of doing things from the outset.  As you well know old habits die hard so start as you mean to go on.

Have Fun

All work and no play…You want your team to enjoy coming into work so have fun in the office!  Embrace occasions such as birthdays and holidays and take time to discuss the latest series on Netflix. 

Say Thanks and Give Praise Where Praise is Due

If a job is done well, say thanks!  Its costs nothing and can makes a huge difference to a person.

Set Rewards

Especially for those that are working to targets, having a bonus structure or rewards scheme in place will drive an employee to go the extra mile.

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