Treat Every Temp Job as a Working Interview

Sharon O'Donnell - 24/07/2014
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Historically used within the hospitality industry, where perhaps a chef would work a couple of shifts to display their talent, the working interview is becoming more mainstream and used within different industries to test the skills of a potential employee, but through the tool of temporary roles.

Within the area of Office Support, although not a formal working interview, a huge amount of temporary positions allow both you and the employer to test the waters. It allows an employer to try you out before they commit to hiring you. It gives employers a chance to see how you complete the duties and functions of the role LIVE and how you fit into the company culture and with the existing team. But it also gives you the opportunity to "interview" a job by performing the job requirements before actually committing to the position.

As a temp, you should treat each and every assignment as a working interview, even if it’s only a one day assignment. Who knows what opportunities may arise and who is watching and assessing your ability.

  • Dress to impress: find out the dress code within the organisation and ensure that hair, and make up (for the ladies!) are done to perfection, shoes are polished (mostly for the boys!)
  • Research: do a small amount of research on the company and organisation in case you are asked what you know about the company and to avoid that awful silence
  • Build a rapport: it is vital that you build a rapport with the team you are working with as they may well be providing feedback to the hiring manager as to how you are getting on
  • Practise: find out perhaps what system they use and practice, practice, practice before you start. You want them to know that you are proficient in the systems they use and will hit the ground running

The key things an employer is looking for are:

  • Ability to do the job
  • Presentation
  • Interaction with staff
  • Culture fit
  • Enthusiasm and interest in the role & company

As always, the employer is evaluating how you present yourself, your body language and the way you interact with staff, along with a myriad of other characteristics such as your enthusiasm, flexibility and sense of humour.

Never let your guard down.

So the next time you get a call for that 1 week assignment, prepare to DAZZLE, use it as a platform to demonstrate your competencies and blow them away. If in the meantime you are in the market for a new role please do not hesitate to contact myself Sharon O'Donnell.

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