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Ann O'Mahony - 23/09/2016
Virtual Workplace

In our monthly Espresso Breakfast Briefings we present on a wide range of topics which are delivered by insightful and experienced subject matter experts.

At a recent briefing on the very current topic of The Virtual Workplace  Fiona Buckley, gave detailed insight into her experience of virtual working. Fiona holds a Masters in Work Behaviour and spent over 5 years working in a 100% virtual environment.

Fiona underpinned her presentation with some high level findings which she gained from research on  her thesis - The Impact of the Virtual Organisation on the Manager and Employee Relationship. Informal communication and career isolation were found to be key factors to impact negatively on  working virtually however it was found that by implementing robust mentoring and buddying systems, developing clear career pathways and encouraging consistent face to face contact a very positive virtual workplace was created.  

I have put together a reflection on some of  the key learnings from the briefing and invite you to share your own thoughts on The Virtual Workplace.

Top 4 Learnings 

  • Why Virtual Working is so Topical
  • Benefits
  • Challenges
  • The Key to Virtual Workplace Success


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