[Webinar] Why content is still king and how to measure success in 2015

Aileen McCarney - 08/05/2015
Morgan McKinley Success Series

Is content still king? Aimee Carmichael will host Morgan McKinley's success series webinar panel debate on content marketing on Thursday 21st May 2015 at 9AM BST.

Marketers got the message a long time ago: you need quality content to engage your audiences. Content was (and remains) king.

But maybe it’s also time to look at content marketing’s heir apparent, context marketing. Marketers have learned that it is not good enough to throw out even high quality content to all and sundry. Organisations want to tailor content to the needs of the specific audience and they need to make it relevant at the point of consumption.

And perhaps most important – and most elusive of all – they want to track the return on investment: what content is driving the best results, on what media, who are the important audiences, and in what context are they consuming the content?

I am therefore delighted to invite you on behalf of Morgan McKinley to join us for an exciting panel debate entitled “Is content still king?” We will be joined by some highly influential experts on content marketing who will address some of the challenges they face, the approaches they take and the methods and tools they use for measuring success.

In particular we’ll be looking at:

  • The opportunities and threats
  • How to hire and develop the right team
  • Technological advancements
  • How to build a business case for content marketing
  • How to measure content performance


Please register below and please send us your content marketing challenges or questions so that we can tailor the session to your needs.

This webinar will take place on Thursday 21st May 2015 at 9AM (GMT)



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About Our Panelists:

Jason Wincuinas - Managing Editor, Campaign Asia


Campaign Asia-Pacific covers the marketing industry across the region, featuring insights and news from advertising to PR and beyond.


Before joining Campaign, Jason Wincuinas spent years marketing mechanical and computer engineering products to technical audiences,as well as a decade in China’s emerging-market trenches, negotiating with factories for export goods. Prior to stepping into his Campaign role, Wincuinas was a financial editor at Hong Kong’s top independent brokerage and research firm, CLSA. Now as part of Campaign’s team, Wincuinas turns his eye for strategy and synergy to the media, marketing and advertising community across Asia-Pacific.

Mark Sallows, CEO, Turtl



Mark Sallows co-founded Turtl in September 2013 to help big brands improve their digital conversations and engage more effectively with their target audiences. Turtl was incorporated in 2014 and secured a first round of private investment in January 2015 to fund business expansion. Turtl launched earlier this year working with 25 large enterprises including; WorldPay, British Land, Deutsche Telekom, Xchanging and Time Inc. Mark’s business experience was gained leading transformational business change for BAA, Land Securities and 3i. Later, whilst working as a non-executive, he conceived ‘Web Lego’ for University of Oxford MSD with Nick Mason.

Alan Gleeson - Digital Marketing Consultant


Alan Gleeson is a B2B Marketing Consultant based in London. Alan has a particular interest in SaaS as well as inbound marketing. He has an MBA from University of Oxford, and an MSc from University College Cork, Ireland. In his spare time Alan is also a dedicated board member of the Irish International Business Network.


You can connect with Alan on Twitter @alangleeson or LinkedIn 

Kate Scott- Senior Digital Marketing Professional and lecturer at Hong Kong University.


Kate Scott is a digital marketing professional with a keen interest in technology, new media, UX design and effective communication strategies. Her professional experience includes being employed as former head of digital at Bauer Media, Hong Kong and prior to that she held senior digital marketing roles within the telecommunications and B2B industries. Kate also teaches a postgraduate unit on Digital Marketing for HKU.


 You can follow Kate on Twitter @kesabeth and connect with her at LinkedIn.

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