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Geraldine Butler - 29/10/2013
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I recently read an article regarding what motivates individual employees and how employers then base their rewards/ benefits package around these motivators. The theory behind this is that individuals are motivated by different things and offering a standard “one for all” benefits package won’t necessarily motivate all employees - no matter how great it is!

So it got me thinking, what actually motivates you at work each day?


I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 motivators as we see them:

1.     Money: Let's be honest here, it’s the reason we all get up in the morning and go to work. Money is a necessity in this world and the more we can get the better! Or is it? While money can certainly be a very strong motivator, once the required standard of living is achieved, to some, other benefits become more important.

2.     Recognition: After money, being recognised for what you contribute in the work place is very important to certain individuals. Public recognition in the form of team meetings where your contribution is commended appeal to a lot of people is good, however there is also the flip side, many people are mortified with the public acknowledgement and would prefer something more low key.

3.     Work/life balance: Knowing you can fit your working life in around your family and vice versa can be extremely important to many employees. Do you need an employer who is flexible about your start time so you can drop your kids to school? Or would you prefer an extra few days holidays per year to ensure you get to enjoy your down time? Also, an active social club within your company can help in showing that your employer recognises the importance for fun as well as work.

4.     Growth and development: Having the support of your employer to develop yourself and have the option to go back to education on a part time basis can be a huge motivator. Post-grad courses can be expensive and having that financial backing from your employer as well as support in terms of study leave can be a huge incentive to develop your skills and qualifications.

5.     A sense of belonging: Being part of a team, working towards a common goal and having group wide targets instead of individual ones can all give a sense of belonging to employees and make you feel like you’re part of something bigger - this can be a huge motivator for many employees.


The list of what can motivate an individual is endless - why not comment below and let us know what motivates you each day at work???


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