What will 2016 bring? Recruitment Planning!

Rebecca Walsh - 14/12/2015
What will 2016 bring? Recruitment Planning!

It was reported earlier in the year, that Ireland had the highest increase of people employed in Europe. Over 57,000 jobs were announced in Ireland this year alone. This is a promising sight for Ireland’s economy going into 2016.

As we close to the end of 2015, I think we can all agree that there has been a great upturn of recruitment and client needs this year. The market in general has been very busy and with December historically being a quieter month, it is safe to say that December will be the icing on the cake for 2015.

The question, now being…. Does your company have a recruitment plan for 2016.

Below are a few tips to make sure you are ready!

  1. Use an agency that is a specialist – by going to an agency that is a specialist recruiter, you know you are getting the right person for the role. These agency are in contact with top candidates in this area every day, hence you will find the right candidate quicker.
  2. Exclusive work – by going to an agency exclusively, you are in a better place in order to find the right candidate quicker as this agency will put everything into finding the right person.
  3. Have clear timelines – Make sure you have a strong plan in order to timelines, For example, know when you want to the person to start and a defined interview dates. This will make the process smoother and faster.
  4. Act quickly – if you like a candidate act quickly. Go by your gut. As the market is getting busier, candidate have more offers on the table. If you wait too long you might be in danger of losing your ideal candidate.
  5. Advise – go by your recruiter’s advice. Recruitment consultants are doing this on a daily basis, they know the market and they won’t steer you wrong!

If you are looking for a specialist recruitment company, please contact La Crème / Morgan McKinley for a confidential chat.

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