This is why your business may need a temp

Jessica Grant - 25/04/2018
Use a temp to cover sick leave, maternity leave and more

An overview of why businesses commonly need temps, the benefits, the process for booking a temp with us and the type of temp roles we can recruit for you.

We are seeing an increase in demand for temporary staff to backfill positions, cover holiday or sick leave, maternity leave, when they have no headcount and various other business requirements.

Why may you need a temp?

  • Cover for maternity leave
  • To gauge a candidate's potential suitability for a permanent position
  • Cover for annual leave
  • Last minute sick leave cover
  • Additional cover for particularly busy periods of business


The benefits to hiring a temp?

  • We handle all payroll administration including all related queries (tax, p45s etc.)
  • There's no additional hidden costs - the hourly rate is all-inclusive
  • You only pay for actual hours worked
  • Temporary employees don’t affect headcount
  • This method spreads the cost of the temporary candidate over six months and will not affect the management accounts
  • Bank holidays and annual leave are covered by La Crème
  • You're under no obligation to keep any candidate if it is not working out for any reason, or if the work is coming to an end (in line with the Minimum Notice Act)
  • No sickness pay to candidates on agency books


How easy is the process?

Simply give the La Crème team a call on 01 4321500 or Book a Temp here »

We have an excellent talent pool of office support professionals who have been personally interviewed, reference checked, skills tested and are ready to go! We pride ourselves on our quality and speed of service.

Which roles do La Crème recruit for?

We recruit for all of the below roles on a temporary, contract or permanent basis and will work around your requirements. 

  • Office managers
  • Personal assistants and executive assistants
  • Administrators and senior administrators
  • Receptionists
  • Data entry clerks
  • Customer service


If you would like any further information, please give us a call on 01 4321500 or contact me via my details below.

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